• Thank you so much for arranging everything for us on Sunday! What a day, we couldn’t have had worse weather for it! Rain thunder and hail! Still, we completed it in 5hrs which I’m over the moon with and the bike was fantastic! Good old dotty.

    J Bennet - Spotty

    We did not know what to to expect as we had never been on a tandem before. It took us 15-20 minutes to stop wobling but after that it was fun all the way. Both of us were grinning so widely that we must have looked like loonies as we cycled along the canal!

    Big thanks to Bobby for helping us choose the right tandem for us and her encouragment when finding our feet on the bike!

    Stuart and Becky - Santiago


  • Tandem Quiz By / 13th June, 2014

    Tandem QuizQ1. How long is the average tandem?a)220cmb)200cmc)300cmQ2. When was the first tandem bicycle created?a) 1817b) 1891c) 1867Q3.

  • How to Ride a Tandem By / 13th June, 2014

    I have included below some really good advice on riding tandems courtesy of gtgtandems.comDon’t be bothered by the long description too much.


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    Nightrider London Event Time: 06-07 June 2015 / Event Location: London


    Sightseeing in London at night – it doesn’t come any better than this.

  • Jun

    Edinburgh Night Ride Event Time: 20-21 June 2015 / Event Location: Edinburgh

    Sightseeing at night – 50 miles of unforgettable places. Share the moment on a tandem and experience the beauty of the city at night.