How to protect your tandem bike against theft

Honestly, just thinking about it raised my hair! Your pride and weekend dream machine stolen by creepy fellow who knows how to wield big pincers.

So a quick post to see how are you protecting your tandem and to share my methods. And of course if your bike did get stolen feel free to rant below.

As a rule I always lock the tandem back wheel and frame to something solid above ground so thieves have less leverage when working on the lock. And my garage has proper alarm with movement sensor plus door opening sensor. I also have them ensured for a modest fee each month.

All this makes me feel better at night but we can always do more. I quite like the look of this GPS tracker but the price is a bit off putting. And this gadget (still in development) also seems great and you can envision starting an army of biker vigilantes tracking down thieves!

Urban myths about the guerrilla tactics resorted to by cyclists wanting to outwit thieves include:

  • Rigging the bicycle to the house burglar alarm
  • Running a length of wire between the bicycle the garden gate, which unleashes the family dog when pulled
  • Disguising a bike’s value by covering its frame with duct tape
  • Fixing a wicker basket to a bike’s handlebars to reduce its ‘street cred’
  • Running a length of 500lb fishing line between the bike and something secure so that if it’s ridden away without consent, it snaps tight and throws the thief from the saddle

I quite like the family dog idea! I was also thinking of running some live current from 12v car battery to my bike so when it is touched, you get a shock!

Comments welcome!

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