How to repair a flat tyre without taking the wheel off

It is possible to repair a flat by patching the inner tube without removing the wheel from the bicycle, and that may be preferable if the hub has a brake arm or internal-hub gear. Usually it is easier if you do take the wheel off. If you are going to replace the inner tube, you must take the wheel off.

Here is how to patch your tyre without removing the wheel:

  1. Turn bike upside down and rest on seat and handlebars
  2. Inflate tyre and carefully listen for leaks
  3. Once found, deflate tyre and use leavers to remove this section of the tyre
  4. Pull out the tube and inflate again to make sure this is the offending spot
  5. Roughen the spot where the patch will go with sandpaper (if moulding line is present sand it right down)
  6. Apply patch and wait for 1-2 min
  7. Remember to remove the cause of the puncture from your tyre
  8. Put back tube and tyre and inflate
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